30.11.2010 I 18:15 I Exhibition opening Stadtbauraum Gelsenkirchen I Boniver Str. 30, 45883 Gelsenkirchen

This exhibition is the beginning of a touring exhibition through different architecture galleries in Germany (further locations coming soon).

KO[R]RELATION  is a competition in architecture photography among the intersection of architecture and product, between human and function, initiated by BerührungsPunkte.
Three renowned universities of photography has been asked to participate. The results of the student works, their handling with the founded places, with the architecture and with the connection of man and the object, are going to be presented. Not a classic architecture photography or product photography is going to be shown – But artistic, critical and mainly a subjective angle of vision to the world of spaces in his complete complexity, realized by young, prospective photographers.

Book available at:
Format: 300 x 400 mm, 100 pages, 131 colored images

2 Days and 2 Nights Skyoffice Düsseldorf 
by Daniel Fort

20 Prints, 40 x 30cm

In this work I choose the Skyoffice Düsseldorf as my temporary domicile to stay 48 hours. I find a place here to spend the nights and I use the facility. My vision is on things which are important during my presence and existence in this building, or rather become important and relevant by the meditative, long stay. I indicate to the products constructed by using them, by perceiving them clearly, and being in touch with them without depicting them directly. My presence is reduced to the essential things and actions. This is about pure being and satisfaction of needs. Every now and then I interfere, so as to call attention to my presence and connection with the place. After 2 days and 2 nights I give up the building as a living space.